Mohali International Airport – a Drive to Tri-city Development

Finally, the much awaited commencement of the Mohali International Airport accomplished on 11th September 2015 by our esteemed Prime Minister Mr. Modi. Besides the passengers, the tri-citians are excited too. Let’s see what all changes the Mohali airport is expected to bring for its people?

International Airport Mohali

Nations and cities all over the world are separated by physical distance, which is why transportation modes came into existence. With various forms of transportation, individuals can travel easily between places. Airways not only connect people, but are also a great economy booster for global economy.

With the inauguration of Mohali international Airport, hopes of people have also raised. Although, logically the airport is built to serve the international and domestic flights for the national and global passengers, yet it is expected to bring new ventures for the tri-city populaces.

Mohali International Airport- At a Glance

After 8 years of proposal, the Mohali International Airport is finally ready to take off. Soon, the international flights will begin from the mid of October 2015. The airport is said to have 60,591 square-metre terminal with the capacity to accommodate 1,600 passengers at a time and have capacity of eight bays for parking of planes. This is expected to be five times bigger than the existing 12,000 square-metre domestic terminal, which was inaugurated in 2011.

Mohali International Airport

Talking about the international flights, a total of three airlines—Indigo, Air India and Spice Jet will start their flights to Dubai and Singapore by October end. As far as the airport services are considered, amenities like 4 aerobridges, Night landing facility, Flyover to segregate passengers for departure and arrival, duty-free shops, air-conditioned lounge, restaurant with A la carte menu, bar where passengers can wait before flight, LCD TVs with international channels and flight schedule display, high-speed internet access via Wi-Fi, fully-automated car parking will be offered to the passengers. Here is a nice article to read: 11 Things to Know about Chandigrah New Airport.

Benefits in the Tri-city Development

The Mohali International Airport is expected to give a lot of GIFTS to the citizens of the Tri-city. Check out what these can be.

#1 Greater Tourist Attraction –

After Chandigarh, the other regions comprising the Tri-City, i.e. Mohali, Panchkula, are expected to become the next centers of attraction for both domestic and international tourists. With the easy availability of transportation, people will be able to visit Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana and enjoy in their vicinity. The more the tourist interests the more the development…or even vice-versa.

#2 Increase in number of commercial and residential projects

– According to a news, the farmers of the village where the airport is built were offered a compensation of Rs 1 crore and more in return of their acquired land. Later, the farmers were also allured into purchasing residential apartments in Mohali and the neighboring region. This means that many upcoming residential projects are being planned in Chandigarh and Mohali.

The Mohali Airport will also act as a fuel for the real-estate market in North India, especially in the regions of Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula. Both residential and commercial realtors will enjoy great profits by bringing more and more projects for the people here. This will be an advantage for the economy also.

#3 Better Transportation

Definitely, the transportation system in the tri-city area will also improve and develop greatly to interlink the airport with all the nearby small and big cities. More and more proposals of roads and flyovers can be expected in the upcoming years.

#4 International Recognition

Like Chandigarh, now MOHALI and other tri-city regions will also be recognized globally. With the initiation of International Airport, Mohali is also now among the major Indian Cities to offer international flight services, which is a great pride in itself.

#5 Boost in Economy

Above all, the Mohali International airport will enhance the Indian economy, increase trade and commerce, and share cordiality. Undoubtedly, more the economy, greater is the development of a nation.

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