Best Real Estate Builder in Chandigarh

Remember, just as real estate agents are not equal, home builders too will offer different constructions and amenities, in different areas and at different prices. On carefully scrutinizing builders in Chandigarh, N.K. Sharma Group stands as one of the top builders. What makes it so let’s check out in the following?

After surveying the vying real estate market of Chandigarh and studying several players in around, the one name that stands prominently as one of the most highly reputed Home Builders in Chandigarh, is N.K. Sharma Group. What makes it so, is elucidated as follows:

Successfully Completed Seven Housing Projects in 13 years

Savitry Greens is a venture undertaken by NK Sharma Group of Companies that is widely known as a leading read estate building agency in Chandigarh and all nearby regions. Established in 2000, the company has since then delivered seven successful housing projects, has five ongoing projects and plans to invest in building a 4 star hotel and independent housing cities around Zirakpur and Mohali.

What makes Savitry Green Apartments the best?

Located in safe areas in and around the tricity region, Savitry Green Apartments are redefining ‘quality of living.’ People aspiring to buy homes can opt for 2BHK, 3BHK and 4BHK flats. In addition to comfortable and spacious accommodations, other highlights of these apartments are ample parking space, modular kitchens, servant quarters, and Ultra Modern PVC Windows.

Flats and Houses Planned With Ample Open Spaces

In times of scarcity of land and houses congested between narrow alleys and lanes, Savitry Green complexes are designed to offer free space for kids to play, gardens where all can enjoy cool walks, and pedestrians everywhere for safe walking. Whether elders, or young kids, they all can enjoy fresh air and remain physically active outdoors.

Promoting Green Living At No Extra Cost

Overcrowding is curse soon engulfing the serene environments of Chandigarh, and thinking about green living either seems a farfetched dream or an expensive one. But, associating with Savitry Greens is different thing all together. Their housing complexes have been designed with beautiful green landscapes. Every campus had its own lawns and gardens, along with pedestrian roads shaded by tress. So, besides, a good accommodation, you get security and green living, without having to pay an extra rupee.