Buy Your Dream Home This Festive Season for Profits

We Indian believe that prosperity blooms during festivals. And nothing proves a loss that is begin or bought during the festive period. The same applies when it comes to real-estate industry. So, why buying a new home or property during festive season is profitable??

Buy Your Dream Home This Festive Season for Profits

Indian Festivals – full of colors, smiles, sweetness, brightness and beautification! How about buying a property during such auspicious times?  It’d be like ‘icing on the cake.’ Another thing when it comes to the festivals in India is PROSPERITY. The reason why festive seasons are so special is that they bring great prosperity due to the god’s grace. People strongly believe that buying a home or a property during festivals will bless them the auspiciousness of peace and prosperity. Keeping the religious sentiments of the people in mind, the real estate companies indulge in selling properties on offers and discounts.

Check out why it is profitable to buy a home or new office during the festive seasons in India. Have a look:

Offers Galore

The overflow of discounted offers and alluring schemes on various residential and commercial properties surfaces during festive seasons. The Real Estate Developers gives very keen and overwhelming response. Apparently, buyers are the one to avail these prospects into their own benefit.

Sometimes, the developers offer munificently huge concessions in range of 10% to 20% (per square feet) on property. Although, the discount fluctuates depending on the location and other features of housing, yet there are chances of availing lucrative deals during these days.

Festive Deals offered by the developers include cash discounts or special price. Sometimes, the benefit is announced in the form of ‘No service tax, no VAT’ or ‘no stamp duty and registration.’ Perks such as household possessions, electronic items, and automobiles are also common.   

Auspiciousness of Purchase

Festivals are filled with auspiciousness. As such religious sentiments during the festive days are generally on positive upswing. With a belief that the auspiciousness will evoke fortune and endless prosperity, homebuyers purchase their new homes during the D-Days. Be it Navratri or Diwali, festive seasons bear happiness and merriment causing a positive upsurge in the sales of housing properties. The real estate business during the festival season is like a win-win situation for buyers and builders both.

Benefits from Government Festive Policies

The festival season is also a great time in terms of policy decisions by the Central and state governments.  They are too believed too impact positively the citizen’s sentiments. The alluring government policies further act as an accelerator for some customers to reconsider their buying decisions.

Flexible EMI’s for Home Loans

Not everyone can afford to buy a property in one-go. As such, banks and EMIs play an important role in the buying process. Fortunately, the festive seasons in India brings ‘cheers’ for buyers by offering easy EMI offers on housing finance. Many banks offer various flexible home loans along with freebies like gold coins, foreign tour packages, extra rebate, etc., encourage buyers’ sentiments. Therefore, buying a house during these times is considered to be a wise decision.

The availability of these offers on the festivals adds a spark in the Indians’ life as buying even a small bicycle is believed as a great thing here. Hence, people tend tp take advantage of the offers that make the most sense and add real value to their purchase.

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