How to Choose Best Bank before Taking Home Loan

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Property is a thing in itself and from the earlier times, till recent times will remain as the most important asset ever taken by any person and possession of it is important for ones living in society. However, Urbanisation make the prices of properties skyrocketing due to which borrower have to take the loan as […]

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How the 2017 budget Expected to Be a Real Estate Friendly Budget

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Budget is a quantified financial plan for a forthcoming accounting period. It is a valuable tool as it, after all reflects the nation’s Five-year Development plans. Two important initiatives taken by government this year headed by Mr Narender Modi with the introduction of Real Estate Regulatory Authority Act and Demonetisation to keep a check on […]

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Role of Season in Buying and Selling Property

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Investing your hard-earned money logically and smartly is a tedious job as it involves time and energy both on the part of in visitor and buyer to do survey from time to time in viewing various residential properties in the different projects available with various known developers and builders. Various factors are important while making […]

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Digital Transaction And Its Effects On Real Estate Industry

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The government of India on November 8, 2016 has implemented demonetisation drive in order to curb the flow of Black Money and corruption from India which is immensely affected the economy of the Country for the last many years. After demonetisation drive, government is promoting digital transaction covering minimal circulation of physical currency for cashless […]

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Do You Know About Benami Property? Points to Be Consider Saving Your Property from Confiscation

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Property or home is one of the necessities of living for an individual. But these days it is matter of pride to have two or more homes as a purpose of investment of black money and corruption. Hoarders used to keep money and keep investing in one or more property projects in name of some […]

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List of Steps Likely To Be Taken By Government to Boost Housing Sector

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The Government of India has taken historic move of demonetization of Currency of Rs 500 and 1000 notes as legal tender on 8 November 2016 headed by Prime Minister, Mr Narender Modi in order to tackle problems of black money and corruption. Such demonetisation drive has resulted in the heavy downside in the housing sector, […]

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Home is not only a dwelling place for an individual but also a dream which involves lifetime savings hence, it is an expensive business. Not only the base amount which you pay to buy a property but also the list of other charges which raise the total expenditure to an unexpected figure which is beyond […]

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Zirakpur – A Hottest Emerging City and Wedding Capital of Chandigarh Region

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Zirakpur, two decades earlier and so was only a common small village with only 20,000 people dwelling. Majority of them were either engaged in agricultural activities and small scale commercial household chores with no major development and progress to be done by the governmental agencies. Usually people of this area had to commute to Chandigarh […]

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Common Mistakes To Be Avoided While Making Selection To Buy A Flat

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Rapid developments, Growing population, Urbanisation and Vast Employment Opportunities lead to a huge migration from small towns to big cities leading to very less open spaces left in the cities for the dwelling. Hence, the numbers of Real Estate Companies have been growing at alarming rate for making different types of affordable and luxurious homes […]

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Factors To Be Considered While Applying For Home Loan

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Home is a temple in itself and everyone worships it with ease, joy and decorates it to make it more attractive and appealing to the eyes in their own way. It is a dream which everyone sees in his/her life once in a lifetime and hence, save each hard earned penny to invest in Home […]

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