High demand for flats in Zirakpur and Chandigarh

Buying plots of land in Chandigarh and nearby areas to build your own home is the thing of the past. The scarcity of land and soaring property prices have led people to think about investing in flats in Chandigarh. The city is booming with all kinds of opportunities. The setting up of the IT Park is a major development in the recent times, and the opening up of other avenues is prompting more and more youth to come here and settle down.

Apart from job opportunities, the tranquil environments, good quality of live, ample schools and colleges, and wide roads and cleanliness are added attractions why Chandigarh has been high in demand for settlement. The exhausted city has now also made way for adjoining areas to grow, and this is the reason why many residential projects are coming up in cities like Zirakpur.

There is in fact high demand for flats in both Chandigarh and Zirakpur. Flats are more affordable, and since they are set up in secured residential complexes, people prefer to buy them. Flats in Chandigarh and Zirakpur can be purchased in the form of 2BHK, 3HK and 4BHK apartments.

Savitry Greens, an established real estate company offers flats in both cities Chandigarh and Zirakpur. It began with Chandigarh, but with rising demand for flats in Zirakpur, owing to more economical prices, we also undertook projects in Zirakpur to meet the demands of all our clientele. We expect the property boom to intensify further with a corresponding rise in prices. Therefore, before the prices shoot to the sky, it is advisable to take the investment decision right in time.