Role of Season in Buying and Selling Property

Investing your hard-earned money logically and smartly is a tedious job as it involves time and energy both on the part of in visitor and buyer to do survey from time to time in viewing various residential properties in the different projects available with various known developers and builders. Various factors are important while making mind to sell and buy a prospective property like money, location, amenities, and modern facilities suitable for comfortably living and apart from these factors one of the important factor is Season. Season plays an important role in selling and buying prospective property. Selling property in prime season especially in spring season marks the beginning of the busiest home selling and winter for home buying in most part of the country.



SPRING SEASON IS BEST FOR SELLING PROPERTY: Spring season start from 1 march to 31 may of every year when there is a boom in the property and inventory is full of varieties of various properties. Spring season marks the beginning of the busiest home selling season in most areas. With the warm weather, more daylight and the impetus to get a new house in order before the new session of children’s start. Buyers are more interested to shop for new houses.




  • PRESSURE OF SAVING TAX: In different organizations and multinational companies employees are busy in filling income tax returns and depositing investment proofs in order to save tax at that time people plan to sell their properties for getting good bargains.
  • TIME FOR DEPOSITING INVESTMENT PROOFS: Property is the best investment ever made by any individual so most prospective customers usually sell the property so as to submit investments proofs in their companies during the spring season.
  • BIGGER SALE PRICE: In spring season the prices of the properties are in boom hence, there are more chance to get more profit margin.
  • BETTER VALUATION: In spring season the house is being sold with good margin as the properties are more in number to be listed as compared to the off season. Hence, seller will get more value of the house even if it requires some repairs as compared to the off season.
  • MILD WEATER SUITABLE FOR SITE VISITING: Since in summers there is longer days which give more time to the buyers for site seeing and buyers get more time to explore more properties during the day.
  • CLOSING DATE COINCIDE WITH THE END OF A SCHOOL YEAR: Since Spring season normally ranges from March till May. Time is perfect when most of the people look forward to sell the property so as to shift in the new session.
  • AVAILABILITY OF THE NATURAL LIGHT TO VIEW THE FEATURES OF THE HOME: Due to the long days of the sunny summers more bright light is available to the buyers to view the amenities and facilities available in the properties in order to select the best.


  • BUYERS ARE PIKKIER: As there is boom in the property market with more number of properties available, buyers gets more variety and chance to explore more properties to select the best suitable options among the available options.


  • BIDDING WARS: In spring season there are more bidding wars on properties which enable the seller to get more customers willing to give the desired price with lesser number of demands for repair and other facilities available.


Winter Season Is a Ideal Time To Buy A Property:

Winter is the best time to buy a property especially time from November to January when the demand for property is lesser.


  1. Home prices are bit softer: During winter month because of the shortage of inventories in many markets home prices are little less as compared to the normal trend hence, buyers will buy properties with fewer amounts as compared to the one bought in spring.


  1. Shortage of inventory in markets: Due to shortage of inventories in markets the prices are less giving a chance to the buyers to buyer a property at nominal price.


  1. Closing in January provide the best discount for home buyers:- Since there used to close of the year so the buyers get the best discount by various developers and builders who want to invest the money so as to file the income tax returns and deposit the investment proofs.


Hence, last but not the least we can conclude by saying that spring season is the best season of the year for selling a property and summer season is the best for buying a property. It is best for both the buyers and sellers to do the transaction during these months to get the best offers and to earn more profit both in terms of money and asset.