UT Seeks ‘Smart City’ Advice from Citizens

CHANDIGARH: UT adviser Vijay Kumar Dev on Thursday launched a series of initiatives to seek suggestions from city residents on ways to implement the Smart City Project in Chandigarh. The logo of ‘Chandigarh Smart City Mission’ was also launched on the occasion.

UT seeks 'Smart City' advice from citizens

As part of seeking citizens’ advice, UT administration launched a ‘Smart Chandigarh’ mobile app through which people can submit their suggestions, and also announced a discussion group on national citizen consultation portal myGov.in.

Through myGov.in, residents can share their ideas on all that needs to be done to make Chandigarh a smart city, and advise on citizen-centric solutions and policies, said a UT official. Water reforms, electricity reforms and suggestions on smart city have been included in the discussion forum. Moreover, a book that was launched at the event aims to showcase practices already implemented by the UT.

“The Smart City Proposal (SCP) will be citizen-driven and achieved through citizen consultations, including active participation of groups of people, such as resident welfare associations, tax payers associations, senior citizens and slum dwellers’ associations,” said an official.

He added that the smart city logo represented the hopes, aspirations and vision of residents and Chandigarh administration. The Open Hand represents the heritage and symbol of city. The brick pattern on the background represents the architectural heritage of city and the pictures depicted on the outer periphery represent our future and present initiative.


UT has sought advice from citizens on ways to make city smarter

For mobile phones, UT has launched a Smart Chandigarh mobile app

If you don’t have access to a mobile, you can give suggestions on a discussion forum on the website myGov.in

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