Why Is Zirakpur the Best Place for Real Estate Investment in Our Times

For people looking to own a house near Chandigarh, yet away from the chaos, Zirakpur is the perfect location. Some even go ahead to believe that Zirakpur is the place for real estate investment, let’s find out what makes it so……

Zirakpur has become a favored destination for homeowners who are looking to invest their hard earned money in a sound property investment. It is highest place to make investments, home buyers or investors get 70% to 80% appreciation amount at Sunrise complex, which happen to be the cheapest apartments put up on sales by one of the most trusted Real Estate leader, Savitry Greens, a concern of the NK Sharma Group. Let’s take a look of advantages of investing in Zirakpur:


1. Green Living

Most residential projects in Zirakpur, have laid a lot of stress on ensuring that the homes are surrounded by greenery and due importance is given to landscaping. When you consider a home for your family, you look for a pollution free, healthy environment. Zirakpur offers exactly the same to you. You will find walking trails, parks for children to play and open areas with lush green vegetation.

2. Connectivity

Zirakpur is on the main Chandigarh-Ambala highway and a drive to Chandigarh takes thirty to forty five minutes from here. Since it is right on the highway, all surrounding locations are in close proximity. A drive to Shimla takes only three hours and Delhi is reached within 4 hours. This is one of the main reasons for people to get attracted to Zirapkur, as travelling time to work is very little.

3. Fewer options in Chandigarh

There are very few land options available in Chandigarh today. A speedy rate of urbanization has seen a boom in residential projects that are priced at exorbitant rates. To get a property of your choice in your budget is next to impossible today in proper Chandigarh. MohalI and Panchkula have reached their saturation points both in options and prices. Prices are still not towering the skies in Zirakpur, but it will not be the same forever.

4. Suitable for all age groups

Zirakpur has no restraints when it comes to any age category. Senior citizens prefer to move here, to spend their old age in peace and security. Professionals look forward to returning home to a peaceful abode and children have plenty of educational institutions to choose from. Sunrise Complex is one such option that is offering properties in a wide range of sizes at unbeatable prices in the market.