With ever rising property prices in Chandigarh and corresponding decline in the availability of spaces, it’s the nearby cities such as Zirakpur and Mohali where you can now plan to have a luxury apartment for your family. Zirakpur being an important extension of Chandigarh is rated among the hottest property investment destinations in the country. Its proximity to the City Beautiful and several nearby towns in Punjab has resulted in large scale attention from both homebuyers and real estate developers. Housing in the city is as good as that in Chandigarh. So, if you think Chandigarh flats are beyond your pocket, consider making Zirakpur your home and enjoy the same ambiance, comfort and serenity, but at a price much lesser than it would be in Chandigarh.

We at Savitry Greens are an accomplished, approved and legitimate builder. We offer you 2 BHK, 3 BHK and 4 BHK luxury flats in Chandigarh area. For more than a decade now, we have been involved in construction of well planned apartments and villas in the most lucrative places in Chandigarh and the neighboring areas. Keeping in mind your safety, comfort and affordability; our state-of-the-art apartments boasts of the latest architectural methods and techniques. These professionally designed apartments make the best use of space on the interiors that open to equally vibrant and lush green exteriors.

Why Chandigarh & its Suburbs

For over two decades, we’ve seen the region grow from mere fields to one of the most sought after North Indian cities. Development of industries, setting up of MNC headquarters and the IT sector boom has been inviting youth from around the country to come here and settle. Moreover, people from the nearby hill state of Himachal Pradesh too have always aspired to have a holiday home here. This is the right time for you to get yourself Chandigarh apartments, before the cost of real estate in the city begin to soar. And, the since the city has almost merged into the neighboring towns of Zirakpur lending them its original character, you can also find yourself a spacious, and more luxuriant apartment in Zirakpur.

Why choose the outskirts of Chandigarh

Apart from the fact that real estate prices in Chandigarh are higher than those in the neighboring areas, there are plenty of good reasons that bring people to the outskirts of Chandigarh.

  • Apartments in Chandigarh outskirts are more spacious and ensure high class living at a cost much less than it is in several other cities in North India.
  • Since living in luxurious and tech savvy flats is becoming number one priority for most people, you can find all these amenities available more easily in housing projects outside Chandigarh, as there is still more space available.
  • High competition and higher demand for real estate outside the periphery of Union Territory is rendering prices much lower than the main city center. Places like Zirakpur are luring big business houses to set up their showrooms, multiplexes, and malls here.
  • Access to Chandigarh from places Zirakpur easy. It is only a few minutes’ drive. The roads are wide and there is hardly much traffic that stops you from reaching places in time.

The Most Well Planned City in North India

Chandigarh, best known as the planning legacy of Le Corbusier, is invariably regarded as North India’s most well planned township. Wide and open, well maintained roads, precisely planned residential and commercial complexes, abundance of greenery and budding opportunities for youngsters in every sphere, undoubtedly make Chandigarh one of the most desirable destinations for settling down. Finding your dream home in a perfect, planned city such as Chandigarh is no less than a great challenge.

Soaring property prices and scarcity of land has increased the demand for both commercial and residential. There are apartments for sale in Chandigarh but prices might astound you unless it’s Savitry Greens! Unlike the many other cities, Chandigarh supports complete cleanliness mission. Uncluttered and clean roads, with marked plantations and planned architecture are the most striking features of Chandigarh.

Safety and Security in Chandigarh

Based on the parameters of safety and security, Chandigarh undeniably supersedes majority most Indian cities. Being an emerging multi-cultural hub, Chandigarh harmoniously absorbs the religious and cultural diversities of the many communities, and also blends well to the flavors of the metro cities. Chandigarh also is one of the safest locations for women, as the ghastly crimes reported against the women in the country remains the lowest in the city. Also the newly furnished homes in Chandigarh are well equipped with security management systems.

Rapid Industrial Development

The city of Chandigarh has witnessed rapid industrialization over the past many years. The IT Park has opened tremendous opportunities for the establishment of many companies, which has further opened up numerous opportunities of employment on a larger scale. This is one main reason that Chandigarh is now emerging as the youth hub of India. Hundreds of youth from all across the country are now coming to Chandigarh seeking work opportunities every month and to experience a quality life that still remains unmatched even after much industrialization.

If you are keen to have your own Flat in Chandigarh or its surrounding areas, Savitry Greens is here to make your dreams come true by offering the best, affordable, and highly secured dwellings. If you want to make Chandigarh your first or second home, look no further than Savitry Greens. For more on upcoming and ongoing Savitry Greens Projects, call us at 7500000035 or fill out the enquiry form today!


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    Seeing the skyrocketing price of properties in Chandigarh… Zirakpur is best place to purchase or invest in properties. I’ve seen and reviewed Savitry Greens project… nice flats!

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